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Madras Movie review - (Good movie with an Awesome first half)

Explaining in a single word, Madras is a movie revolving around chennai in areas like Kaasimedu, vyasarpadi. It tells about the life of an youngster in chennai, problems faced by him and karthi suits this role well.

Karthi is an youngter living in chennai. There is a wall in his area for which two groups fight for. Karthi's close friend is anbu. Anbu works for a local politician in that area. The local politician enters the scene and he is believed to be a good man, helping his locality people.

The fight for the wall begins, in which karthi hits a man and this turns out to be a fight for life.

Before the interval block karthi unexpectedly kills the villain and the interval block gets thundering applause from the audience.

Then the second half is equally good like the first half and the climax deals with the following factors.

1. Who killed Anbu
2. How karthi finds the killer and kills him.

The second half has many twists and turns which keep the audience engaged in the movie.

Overall Madras is a must watch movie and a game changer for Karthi who experinced continuous failured after Siruthai,

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Madras Movie review - (Good movie with an Awesome first half)
4/ 5